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What about time in business?

We facilitate funding for businesses with only four months of business to however many years. Our process is simple and streamlined. As long as the owner can furnish four months of business bank statements and can complete a one-page application, then our experts can facilitate funding for most lending scenarios

How can I get approved?

Most funding types only require six months in business and monthly revenue of $10,000 a month or above for underwriting review. These loans are revenue driven so your credit wouldn’t be the leading factor for underwriting approval. However, business owners with 680+ credit scores would qualify for lower rates, higher amounts, and longer terms. Speak with an expert to hear your options.

What if I have poor credit scores?

Our funding experts have experience in facilitating financing for most credit scores. Although not every request is approved and we typically prefer scores 600+. We do have various lenders that consider even the most challenged scores. Speak with an expert today and learn how you can qualify for funding even if your credit score is less than where you wanted it to be.